About SAKSHAM Portal

University Grants Commission (UGC) believes that a safe and healthy environment in Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) for women students and employees is a necessary prerequisite to quality education and research. UGC, in its commitment towards this, has undertaken several initiatives through the provision of various fellowships, scholarships, support to institutions for capacity expansion and empowerment of women. As an extension of its existing initiatives, UGC has developed SAKSHAM which is a dynamic portal that aims towards empowerment of women in campuses through creating awareness on:

  1. Opportunities and initiatives in HEI for women
  2. Support and redressal mechanism for students and employees of HEIs
  3. Web resources in the form of Government and United Nations policy documents for women

About us

For Whom
  • Women students
  • Women faculty
  • Women staff members

In Higher Educational Institutions within India.

  • Empower women in HEIs through awareness on the various initiatives for capacity building of women, like women centric fellowships and scholarships, women study centres and legal provisions and advisories for women
  • To create safe spaces in HEIs for women through provision of this platform for lodging complaints related to violence and harassment against women and a helpline number and email address for reporting such issues.

The portal brings together information and provides a link on all women-oriented initiatives

The portal provides a platform for registering complaints related to violence and harassment against women in HEIs through the following ways:

  • National helpline number for students, faculty and staff members of HEIs.
  • Email address
  • 'Upload your complaint’ option under Grievance redressal on the portal.

The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace
(Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal)

Act, 2013


Studies Centres

Guiding Documents

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